Holistic approach to servicing for charging station operators

Operating charging infrastructure is a profitable business model for municipal and private providers regardless of the number of charging points. We ensure that your charging stations are maintained and fully functional.

Seamless monitoring

for accurate, real-time analysis

Assured income

due to routine maintenance and fast repairs

Rollout excellence

due to a single point of contact for everything from A to Z

Our solutions and services for operators

As electric mobility continues to grow in popularity, so does the business model of operating public or semi-public charging stations. In Germany, over a hundred major companies currently operate charging station infrastructure, along with over 2,000 smaller operators, some of which have only one or two charging stations.

No matter where you are in Germany, if you want to run an entire fast-charging park or just a few public charging points, we'll make sure everything runs smoothly, including cleaning, maintenance, and repairs, to ensure user satisfaction.

Using our partner backend system, you can help you set your own tariffs and join a network of more than 200,000 public charging points across Europe. You will also have high visibility in all the popular charging apps. We work with certified specialist contractors and are not affiliated with any charging infrastructure manufacturers.

Charge up with us

An overall operating concept

Our service team can develop an operation, maintenance, and service for you based on the charging infrastructure's current and future needs.

Multi-site operation

We handle the operation and billing of your charging infrastructure and develop a user management and tariff structure for you.

Quick professional installation

Relax while our installers get everything set up and running.

Reliable charging

Our qualified service technicians will ensure the reliability of your charging points anywhere around the country.

Consulting & conception

  • Professional site appraisal
  • Charging infrastructure project planning
  • Obligation-free quote
  • Comprehensive support choosing network operator
  • Expert tariff advice


  • Power measurements to determine load and demand peaks
  • Submissions and registrations to the relevant energy providers
  • Transparent and substantial digital Pre-Check on site
  • Pre-installation and installation of AC and DC hardware
  • Billing system via the backend

All-inclusive service

  • A single point of contact with support services provided by qualified company specialists
  • Regular servicing of wallboxes and charging stations, including repair and maintenance
  • Branded charging infrastructure available on request
  • Mobile charging infrastructure rental for events

To manage or not to manage – that is the question

Whether you want to run a single (semi-)public charging point or several fast-charging parks around Germany, we are there for you with help and advice. As part of our all-inclusive service, we'll also handle the administrative side of your business. You get to enjoy the following advantages:

User management

Full access control

Flexible tariff structure

Fully-automated billing

Range of payment options

Administration & monitoring

Project examples

We are pleased to present some projects we completed for several well-known companies.

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