About us

We are a collection of multi-skilled electric vehicle enthusiasts, techies, and Harley Davidson riders. Our mission is to bring together the traditional skilled trades with the innovative spirit of the future – through passion, and a dedication to excellence.

The right hardware

Because we are manufacturer-neutral, we have the freedom to source products that are entirely right for you from the leading charging infrastructure manufacturers.

Expertise you can rely on

We are always keen to learn more, hone our skills, and develop new ideas. As a certified e-mobility brand, we work to bring the skilled trades and electric mobility together.

A strong team

We think that collaboration and diversity are powerful forces. A team that functions well together is motivated to achieve its common goals and values.

Our mission

What we stand for

Electric mobility is crucial for environment-friendly, sustainable transportation. We hope to advance the expansion of infrastructure for electric vehicles by making charging options easy and accessible to everyone.
Our team of qualified specialists can tailor a charging to meet your individual needs, so charging is always simple, transparent, and trouble-free.

What motivates us is our mission: Climate protection

One of the primary sources of harmful greenhouse gases is conventional mobility. And a massive reduction of CO2 emissions is critical in the face of advancing climate change.
We spend our days building the charging infrastructure essential for complete e-mobilisation. This is how we are helping to fulfil the Paris Climate Accords and the European Green Deal.

Doubly sustainable

Electric mobility is sustainable mobility. Equally sustainable, however, is the way we run our business nationally, how we organise our company overall, and how we design our charging concepts.

Embracing technology

As digital tradespeople, we are continually working on new and innovative solutions to improve our range of services and charging concepts.

User focused

To help you get off to a good start with electric mobility, we prioritise the user in every aspect of our work, from consulting to operation

Our team

Modern work is a team effort. From our Mobile Heroes, who travel throughout Germany providing fast on-site service, to our electric mobility consultants, conceptual designers, and technical project managers at each of our locations – we all work hand in hand to promote the use of electric vehicles in Europe. We have also prioritised extensive employee networking and flat organisational structures since the company's launch in December 2019.

Our successes

> 100

Projects completed

> 3.500

Charging points installed and serviced

> 90



Dedication and passion

Our locations

We currently have two office locations in Germany, and our S4C Mobile Heroes are active in over 20 cities and across the country. We are a dependable team, quick to respond, and always prepared to assist you with your charging infrastructure.

Our partners