Mobile charging – anytime and anywhere

We can arrange temporary rental charging solutions for peaks in demand, supply bottlenecks and any size event. So you can give the electric vehicle enthusiasts among your guests the best possible service to and from your event.

Simple installation

and easy operation

Modern hardware

for fast, safe charging

Holistic approach to integrated service

so you can focus on your event

Our mobile charging rental solution

Are you putting together a business event, festival, trade show, or roadshow? Our mobile charging infrastructure will ensure your guests and customers can charge their cars safely anywhere in Europe.

Based on our event experience and expertise in electric mobility, we can provide you with competent and accurate advice on grid capacity and charging infrastructure to help you meet the anticipated on-site demand.

Charge up with us

Our specialists will first inspect your site

After evaluating your premises, you receive our digital Pre-Check and an obligation-free quote.

Communicating with the energy provider

We safeguard the load capacity for your event.

The right hardware

We provide everything your guests need to experience electric mobility in action, from AC charging points to 300kW DC fast-charging systems.

Reliable charging

Charge up easily and reliably at your event. And we are always available to assist you in the event of malfunctions or inquiries.

The latest hardware for flexible temporary charging solutions

We work with the leading charging infrastructure manufacturers.
We also keep a range of charging stations from AC to DC to HPC in stock, so we can deliver a temporary charging station anywhere in Europe for a specific event or alleviate a supply bottleneck.

AC charging column – eStation Smart

Two charge points up to 22 kW each

e-station smart Lades Ladesäule

AC charging column – Mennekes Amedio charging station

Charging column in compliance with calibration regulations, with two 22 kw charging points

Mennekes Amedio Ladesäule

DC fast charger – Alpitronic Hypercharger

Available in two versions 150 kW or 300 kW

Alpitronic Hypercharger

DC fast charger – E.ON Drive Booster

Fast charger with 43-inch advertising screen and two 150 kW charging points

EON Drive Booster

Here are some examples of the most prominent events we have supported:

Hyundai Ioniq 5 in Valencia


BMW Experience 21 in Dresden