Cutting-edge charging technology
for the residential sector

We offer complete charging infrastructure solutions to homeowners, landlords, owner associations, property managers, and tenants.

Illustration of a charging ecar, mother and child are offloading groceries from the trunk.

Easy integration

and safe, reliable operation

Single point of contact

for repairs and maintenance

Intelligent concepts

allow for optional expansion

Homeowners & property managers

In the future, it's clear that both homeowners and renters will have the right to access charging infrastructure. So, whatever your needs are now and in the future, we can provide a charging solution that's right for you. We will actively support you throughout the entire process, from infrastructure design to installation and commissioning.

We attach great importance to quality, scalability, and user-friendliness. Following the installation of charging infrastructure for a rental complex, for example, we can add, test and commission any additional charging points into the existing infrastructure as your tenants need.

Charge up with us

Our specialists first carry out a site inspection

After evaluating your premises, and you receive an infrastructure concept and an obligation-free quote.

Quick professional installation

Relax while our installers get everything set up and running.

Grid operator communication

We'll contact the energy provider for you and register your wallboxes.

Reliable charging at home

Charge up easily and reliably at home. And should you have any problems or questions, we're always available to assist.

Apartment owners

What if some owners with an electric vehicle are eager to install a wallbox on the property while others are still undecided?

We believe it is prudent to design charging infrastructure that is both comprehensive and scalable right from the outset when working with residential property ownership laws and the parties involved in a homeowners' association.

In addition, we think it is necessary first to conduct a joint load profile analysis for the entire property, even if the wallboxes will be installed gradually over time. This coordinated approach can be helpful in discussions with your energy provider.

Whatever your situation, we can design a comprehensive solution that meets your needs.

Consulting & conception

  • Comprehensive advice and on-site consultation
  • Advice on the right hardware
  • Professional site appraisal
  • eMobility load profile report
  • Dynamic or static load management
  • Obligation-free quote


  • We handle all communications with the energy provider
  • Quick professional wallbox installation
  • You get 100% green electricity
  • We manage your system, including billing tenants or residents
  • Easy, reliable charging that works straight away

All-inclusive service

  • A single point of contact with support services provided by qualified company specialists
  • Regular wallbox and charging column maintenance and servicing
  • Fast repairs in the event of damage