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Intelligent energy management

Whether you're planning a new construction project, retrofitting an existing building, need charging stations for a corporate fleet, a public outlet for a hotel or business, services for an operator or energy provider, or a mobile charging solution for special events – Service4Charger has a solution that's right for you.
We also provide load management systems to optimise your site's charging capacity – static or dynamic load management – the decision is yours!

Static load management

With static load management, the maximum possible charging load is distributed equally among the vehicles being charged. For example, the number of electric vehicles connected to a wallbox charging network affects how many vehicles can be charged at any one time.

The total load is limited to a fixed (static) maximum value which may need to be increased as demand grows.

Dynamic load management

With dynamic load management, the maximum charging capacity is only utilised when the property's base load is very low. When the property connection is under heavy demand from other users, the maximum charging capacity is automatically lowered.

So, the charging speed depends on how much current is being used. This method has the advantage of saving money on the cost of increasing the maximum capacity of the property's grid connection.

Your personal charging card

With our user management concept, we help you keep an eye on your charging points' authentication profiles and tariff structure.

Our RFID charging cards make using your charging infrastructure simpler and more convenient.

Not only are our charging cards smart, but they're also made from 100% recycled wood.

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